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This Bag Will Take You From Boardroom to Ballroom

The no-brainer bag in question: a structured crossbody bag, which has been a favorite among trendsetters the past few months. One of the season’s chicest is Valentino’s VSling crossbody bag, which comes with a subtle V logo and a variety of leather colorways. It’s also just roomy enough to cram a notepad, pen, and all the going-out essentials for later on—the perfect blend of practicality and luxury. Like-minded styles have been spotted on celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, who gave her pristine white bag a cool evening feel with a head-to-toe red outfit.

Day-to-night dressing is tricky. Rare is the cubicle-friendly look that also will wow during cocktail hour. Yet there are some pieces that work double duty. Think: a timeless LBD, or shoes like a simple strappy heel or a cool brogue—items that are at home in the boardroom or the bar. When it comes to the bag department, however, things can be a little trickier. A huge tote for your laptop doesn’t exactly say “night on the town”. And showing up to an important meeting with a sequin clutch? Call HR! But there’s a new crossbody style that does the trick—and celebrities are showing you how to wear it.

Other stylish stars have been spotted in similarly shaped bags as well. Emily Ratajkowski gave her brown woven crossbody a professional feel with a structured blazer and knee-high boots. So did Kaia Gerber, who paired her black crossbody with a military-inspired blazer dress. The takeaway? A shapely hands-free bag is the best buy of the season, not to mention a foolproof gifting idea for the holidays.

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