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When I think of Neom my first though is candles, in particular the Happiness Candle which is one of my all time favourites. A scent that fills a room with a fresh, citrus zingyiness unlike anything else I’ve found. Neom have now turned their hand to a new extension of the range with skincare. Building on their beautifully scented bath and body care range, now they have added a skincare range to the Neom family and I have a trio of products here to tell you about.

neom skincare

There are three ranges within the skincare offering from Neom, all tied in nicely to their existing signature scent range. With ‘Scent to de-stress’, ‘Scent to make you happy’ and ‘Scent to sleep’. Which equates to: a calming range, a glowing radiance range and a nighttime range.

I opted to try the ‘Scent to de-stress’ range as this is the one that offers a calming and soothing effect and felt to me like a great all-rounder type of skincare range and a perfect on to trial and get a feel for what Neom skincare is all about.

neom skincare

Within the Scent to De-Stress range there are three skincare products. A calming face wash, a calming SPF30 moisturiser and a calming face serum. Can you sense the theme yet? Each product comes in white packaging with signature rose gold details. The calm range features some key ingredients, with pomegranate seed oil being in all three, plus things like lavender, geranium and rose plus avocado oil and baobab oil.

The products smell as beautiful as you would expect from a brand known for it’s fragrances. As I sit here writing I have them on me and the fragrance really is just gorgeous – it smells like a beautiful spa treatment.

The cleanser is a balmy texture that feels like it’s really looking after your skin and not stripping it. The fragrance is much softer in the cleanser formula too so not too overwhelming. The same applies for the calming SPF30 moisturiser. It doesn’t have as intense a scent as the serum does, just a softer version. It has a light feeling creamy texture and dries down to a more matte finish so this could be a good option if your skin leans towards oily.

Neom Skincare

This is a skincare range that keeps things pretty simple, in a good way. Focussing on the textures and the scent so that skincare is an experience rather than a chore. Which fits perfectly with the overall Neom brand. Taking everyday things and making them a little bit more of an experience.

The one thing I am always a little cautious around as I am not a skincare professional is that the products do of course contain essential oils. Of course they’re high quality and chosen because of the benefits. But at the same time essential oils can cause reactions for some. So, if this is something you have a history of then go carefully. To be fair, the same could be said for almost everything. I guess what I’m saying is that if you know essential oils or scented products aren’t something you get on with then this range won’t be for you. However, if you are looking for skincare that has a luxurious spa feel to it. Offers a gorgeous experience as well as keeping things simple without overcomplicated routines. Then the Neom range is well worth a look.

source: beauty junkie london

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