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Firstly, I wanted to just take little moment to chat about the brand itself. NARS has long held a place in one of my favourite brands for makeup. A collection filled with iconic products along with a perfect blend of quality products that work. Also a good old sense of fun and a sort of sophisticated playfulness. All with a certain something that just feels special all combined makes for a ‘perfect storm’ of what I look for. That from a beauty brand these days. Back in 2014 I had the chance to meet and interview Francois Nars. So,for me personally there’s just something a little extra as I’m always aware what an honour that was to have experienced. something that definitely sways me in having a soft spot for NARS on the whole. Embracing real skin and beauty regardless of age. A beauty brand happily showcasing women with lines and things other brands seem to deem ‘flaws’.

Nars Palette

nars palette

Each palette has a trio of shades, a highlight, a blush and a bronzer. All housed in the signature NARS black packaging with the added touch of some tropical floral print with French Polynesian details on the outer packaging. Inside there are the three good sized pans of colour and a decent sized mirror to make them ideal for on the go. The Motu Tane palette will be the focus of this post. But in comparisson to the Motu Tapu palette Motu Tane is more pinky toned blush and Motu Tapu more peachy/orange. So, if you lean towards the more orange toned shades make sure you pop to Harvey Nichols . Then take a look at that palette instead. But for the more pink preferring lot of us, let’s take a peek at the NARS Motu Tane palette in closer detail.


source: beauty junkie london

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