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Hairstyle Ideas That Will Instantly Refresh Your Look

How To Master The Half-Up, Half-Down Look Hairstyle


Firstly, Prep the hair with KMS Add Volume Shampoo and Add Volume Leave-In Conditioner. Use a spray conditioner instead of a cream, it will keep the hair lighter and easier for you when styling.”

Secondly, Apply KMS Add Volume Styling Foam and two pumps of KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust to the mid lengths and ends.”

half down half up

Thirdly, Using a hairdryer, blow-dry your hair using your fingers to move the hair around while taking out the moisture.”

Fourthly , Take a paddle brush or medium round brush and smoothen out and unruly kinks or curls.”

Then, Add in a centre part and begin to form a wave into the hair using a medium size tong. Apply KMS Thermashape 2-in-1 Sprayto each section securing the shape. We are trying to achieve a wave not a curl.


Then, Once the hair is wavy and polished, take a section from above each ear to below the round of the head where the nape begins. Place your rope underneath this section and tie in a knot. Wrap the remaining excess rope around the pony tail for 2cm. 3-4cm for a higher impact result.”


Then, Place your rope underneath this section and tie in a knot. Wrap the remaining excess rope around the pony tail for 2cm. 3-4cm for a higher impact result.”

Lastly, Apply KMS HairPlay Dry Wax to the hair to add definition and hold. Spray this from above allowing the product to sit naturally onto the hair.”



Bang Bang Baby Hairstyle

Curtain bangs are “so hot right now” and offer an easy way to shape the face.

Plus, the extra length makes them a little more non-committal than a shorter fringe.

Angel face @ilisteele knows what’s up.

 Bang Bang Baby

Image: @ilisteele.2

You Better Shape Up

@ganna_bogdan nails the “I woke up like this” vibe.

A few layers at the front will add a little bit of shape (at any length) to instantly refresh your look.

They’ll also help to achieve that textured look (no styling products required!).

You Better Shape Up

Image: @ganna_bogdan.3

Short n’ Textured

Yes, we are still obsessed with the short textured bob – donned here by @lifeofboheme.

Short and textured is the ultimate “I don’t care” hair style.

See @venedaanastasia and @lootin for more inspo.

Short n’ Textured

Image: @lifeofboheme.4

Short n’ Sharp Hairstyle

This easy editorial look is all over Instagram at the moment, and we’re crushing hard.

Sisters @simihaze know a thing or two about rocking this straight, blunt cut – so make them your go-to for how to wear it.

Short n’ Sharp

Image: @simihaze.5

Off With The Fairies Hairstyle

Heads up – this one’s not for the feint-hearted, but if you’re up for experimenting, a super short 60s-eaque bob could be the way to go.

@taylorlashae has all the inspo you need.

Off With The Fairies

Image: @taylorlashae.7

The Perfect Perm

Guess who’s back, back again…

While the perm is not for everyone, it works pure magic on some (like @kelseymartinovich).

Also look to @micarganaraz for inspo.

The Perfect Perm

Image: @kelseymartinovich.8

Double Platinum Hairstyle

I might dye my hair platinum thanks to Instababe @emmakateboyd.

It’s a transformative look that has a strong fashion-forward feel.

Double Platinum

Image: @emmakateboyd.9

Give Me The Honey

Girl-crush @jeannedamas has (in my opinion) the most covetable shade on Instagram.

This is a perfect brunette shade with slight highlights to brighten the face.

Tip: you want your colour so subtle that people ask if it’s your natural shade.

Give Me The Honey

Image: @jeannedamas.10

The Dark Side Hairstyle

As some people say – going dark is the best way to match your hair with your mood (haha).

What we can confirm is that it’s the best way to look chic “without trying” (look to Italian ‘It’ girls like @dilettabonaiuti).

The Dark Side

Image: @dilettabonaiuti.11

Finally ,How To Get ‘Second Day’ Texture


We’re going to let you in on a secret – some of the most popular key phrases for this site are ‘wavy textured hair‘ and ‘Carmen Hamilton hair‘ so we figured we should get ahead of the curb with a proper tutorial on how to textured hair.

Carmen claims she inherited her thick shiny bob from her mum – but the good news is you don’t have to be ‘born with it’ to pull-off that perfectly textured, beachy ‘do.

More good news: the way she does it is actually easy (promise) and it doesn’t require skill or precision (just a little bit of patience and a lot of texture powder).

Watch the video tutorial below to see how it’s done

Cute Accessories To Update Your Look


I will always save the gift wrapping ribbons from stores. Every time. I collect them and tie them onto my ponytail as a bow! Is that so wrong? If it is, then I don’t want to be right. This small, ~chic~ act takes me back to primary school days when I was young, carefree and couldn’t afford to buy my own hair ribbons, anyway. If you’re not up for DIY and want one ready made, you can shop this ribbon/scrunchie 2-in-1 one from NA-KD.


Hair clips are the bomb; I literally go W-I-L-D with them. Some days I’ll wear four clips on either side, other days I’ll just add one. Variety! I tend to go towards the more vibrant kind—I’m talking sparkles, patterns and shapes (I have a really cute heart shaped one from Chinatown, I die every time I wear it—it’s so cute). I honestly recommend just popping into your local drug store or bargain store for a cute and cheap selection. 

source :chronicles of her

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