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This is My Simple Autumn Skincare Routine


For a cleanser. I like to have around 4 in the mix but never use more than two in a skincare routine. I’ll have a balmy cleanser for removing makeup, a creamy cleanser for cleaning the skin. Also an exfoliating scrub and a quick and easy liquid cleanser. A micellar water or similar for the easiest and quickest ‘better than nothing’ option. I’ll usually do a double cleanse – balm or micellar first, then followed by cream or exfoliating option


I bloody love a serum. For some it’s unnecessary and excessive. But I just love it. Lightweight, hydrating and my skin just drinks it up. So, at any one time I probably have a trio at least, mostly offering hydrating/plumping benefits. I mix and match to a point depending which one I feel like using. At the moment I have a mix of Drunk Elephant Hydrating and the Beauty Pie ones. For me a serum is an essential and basically an intense shot of moisture for my skin. I pick which one I use depending on how my skin feels going from the lighter feeling Drunk Elephant or if it feels drier or my skin feels tired. I’ll use one of the Beauty Pie options. The Superdrops is the thickest one for really dehydrated feeling days or the Triple Hyaluronic Acid or Japan fusion for any other time.


I have a mix of the more specific type of products, from eye cream which I can’t live without…maybe a tad dramatic… but I would look very tired without. Currently using the QI Energy one from Beauty Pie. I also have the Vitamin C Superactive Capsules from Beauty Pie which I use in the day on top of serum usually. Then I have the big guns of retinol.

Autumn skincare

I’m currently using A-Passioni Retinol Cream from Drunk Elephant. And whilst I was a tad nervous about using and still only doing. The smallest peas sized amount goes a long way. It really does seem to give skin that boost of helping shed off the dead skin and leave the brighter new skin fresh. Risk is going too intense and being left with some peeling/crusty bits on the face… but just go easy, as with any active skincare product. Be careful with it as caution is your friend for best results. I’ve tried a few retinol type products over the past few years. This is the first I’ve really seen more of a ‘wow’ result from. I have had a couple of the dry/flaking patches but I just take a few days break, keep slathering the serum and I’m good to go again.

I have my Pixi Glow Tonic in the mix too, one I opt to use in the mornings usually as a refresher. Plus once or twice a week I’ll use THIS from Dr Dennis Gross.

Autumn skincare


For day I’m using one of either Darphin Rose Hydra-Nourishing Oil-Cream (for dryer days as is the richer option) or Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Anti Ageing Cream (light and fresh but still hydrating). For night I’m using the Elemis Superfood Night Cream. I actually don’t love a heavy night cream, if I want something more intense I’ll use an oil but for day to day I want something that feels hydrating but not too heavy and this is perfect. A light feeling green coloured cream, it smells a bit like a green juice but just feels like it’s good for my skin!?


Not shown here as I actually keep my SPF products near my makeup at the moment but I’m currently using either the Skinceuticals Ultra Facial Defence SPF50 which is my all time favourite everyday skin protector OR I’m using up the last of my La Roche-Posay Anthelios Shaka Fluid SPF50 that I used on holiday. Both very light and work well under makeup (La Roche-Posay especially if you tend to be shiny). But one thing I don’t drop despite seasons changing is my SPF, I’m hoping to stay looking early 30’s for the rest of my life as a result….

Autumn skincare

SO there we have my current Autumn Skincare Routine – hopefully fairly simple in terms of steps, even if each step I like to rotate a couple of product options. What can I say, I’m a life long beauty junkie. This is about as minimal as I get with skincare so far as an adult?!

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