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Firstly,when you think outside of the diamond solitaire box, the options for engagement rings are endless. After all, not all of us need a blinding rock that we’d feel weird about wearing on the subway. So,try a would-be heirloom with an ornate band, a modern design that skews on the asymmetrical, or search for an unexpected stone like sapphire, emerald, or even turquoise. Also, with stones found in every color imaginable, why wouldn’t you pursue a ring no one else will have? Ahead, some engagement rings for the anything-but-traditional bride.


A white gold engagement ring with a solitaire diamond


Single stone rings – also known as solitaire rings are beautifully designed to showcase just one individual stone. Our collection of rings features your chosen diamond set in a variety of ways, from the classic claw settings to the more contemporary tension or rub-over settings. So, these are the rings that are perfect for those that appreciate more traditional styles.

A white gold engagement ring with a solitaire diamond and diamonds on the shoulders


When one diamond is not enough, our solitaire stone with shoulders rings are made to add a dazzling accompaniment to a central diamond. These small stones make a big difference and can make your offering of love and commitment a sparkling occasion. With an array of designs providing a range of different side stones, you’re bound to find something magical.

A white gold engagement ring with three diamond stones


Three stone rings or trilogy rings are a sign of eternal love. A symbol of your past, present and future, these rings combine 3 unique diamonds to offer a stunning result. Available with an assortment of diamond shapes for both the centre stone and supporting side stones, these rings will stand out amongst the rest – why have one diamond when you can have three?

A white gold engagement ring with a cluster of small diamond stones


The perfect way to maximise size whilst staying within your budget is with our cluster engagement rings. This unique collection of rings incorporates intricately designed clusters of smaller diamonds to create one maximum display of sparkle. Crafted with a selection of diamonds shapes, our selection provides a contemporary feel but maintains the traditions of craftsmanship.

source: elle & purely diamonds

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