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15 Stunning Celebrity Hairdos For Women

Celebrity Hairdos

We’ve all been there, following a particular celebrity and copying their style. Let’s make it official! Celebrities are trendsetters all over the world, whether it’s with their clothes, makeup, or hair. They work with hairstylists who give celebrity the best hairdos. So, let’s take a look at some of their trendsetting hairstyles. Here are 15 stunning celebrity hairdos that you should check out this year!

1. Adele’s Big Curls

Adele’s Big Curls

Adele’s voice is like an angel! So, it is only fair that she would pick a hairstyle that compliments her voice. You too can achieve this stunning look with some hair rollers, hairspray, and a blowdryer.

2. Demi Lovato’s Long wavy hair

Demi Lovato’s Long Vampire

Demi Lovato has sported many sensational hairstyles, but none of them are as iconic as her Long wavy hair curls. For these curls, you will need a curling iron with a large barrel or big hair rollers. Apply mousse to your hair before you curl it. It will lock in the curls and give them a nice gloss.

3. Emma Watson’s Side Twist

4. Taylor Swift’s Basic Top Knot And Bangs

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 10: Taylor Swift arrives at the The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

TayTay has given us a nice twist to the classic French twist hairstyle here. Instead of twisting her hair vertically, it’s curled and pinned in place. Don’t forget hairspray to keep the hairdo in place.

5. Reese Witherspoon’s Side-Swept Curls

Blonde poster child, Reese Witherspoon look gorgeous with this side-swept version of the evergreen Hollywood glam look. The deep blonde shade brings out her eye color. The curls are heavy at the bottom, accentuating her jawline and making up for the absence of a neckpiece.

7. Emilia Clarke Platinum Blonde Bob

I think the internet broke when Emilia Clarke took a page out of Daenerys’ lookbook and went blonde. While it was not the same shade of blonde, the platinum shade really brings out her facial features. She looked uber cool with this look.

8. Emma Stone’s Bob

Emma Stone is a natural blonde! Her natural hair color is very similar to one she’s sporting here. While she looks like a natural redhead, this bleached blonde bob looks great on her. It brings out her green eyes beautifully. The perfect curls draw attention to her jawline and make her hair look voluminous.

9. Katy Perry’s Purple Pin-Up Curls

Katy Perry’s pin-up hairstyle is brilliant. It is stylish and aids in giving your hair a voluminous look. While she has experimented with many colors like blue, pink, and jet black, her dark purple curls look magical. They bring a touch of vibrance to a classic pin-up look.

10. Holland Roden’s Wavy Red Hair

Did you know that Holland Roden majored in Molecular Biology and Women’s Studies at UCLA? She wanted to become a real-life Cristina Yang before becoming an actor. I think her long red locks look the best when sculpted in flawless Hollywood waves. It flaunts her face shape and features brilliantly.

11. Lucy Hale’s Blunt-Cut Blonde Ombre

Lucy Hale is one stylish queen! This blonde ombre paired with a deep red lip color looks phenomenal. The ends are cut blunt and sharp-tipped. The blonde ends accentuate her jawline rather than soften it.

12. Gabrielle Union’s Messy Side Braid Hairstyle

Gabrielle Union sported this lovely messy side braid hairstyle way back in 2012. It’s loose right near the face, drawing attention to her face shape. The rest of the braid is messy but not “falling apart” loose.

13. Rihanna’s Long, Curly Balayage

Queen RiRi knows what looks great on her! She can pull off any hairdo. Her highlighted hair is styled in big curls here. It pairs phenomenally with her red dress and red lipstick. The curls show off her jawline

 14. Lady Gaga’s Platinum Hollywood Glamour Hair

Lady Gaga turned heads with this gown and hairstyle. Her platinum locks look sculpted in place. It’s a great modern version of the classic Hollywood glam hairstyle. It contrasts with her black gowns but is classy and subtle

15. Gigi Hadid’s Long Sculpted Spirals

Gigi Hadid has given us many stunning hairdos, but this one is my personal favorite. It is in the vein of the famous “Hollywood” curls look while still looking chill. Her dirty blonde curls and white attire accentuate her red lips and blue-green eyes.

source: Stylecraze

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