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12 Easy and Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Regardless of your relationship status, February 14 is the ideal excuse to deck out your face with gorgeous makeup—because why not? Whether you’ve got a hot Bumble date, are having a romantic dinner with your longtime love, or eating chocolate and pizza with your roommate, smoldering eyeshadow and a bold lip can transform your evening. (Yes, even yours, staunch Valentine’s Day makeup hater.) And to prove it, we picked out 12 stunning—and actually doable— Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials for you to try yourself. Take notes, get inspired, grab your brushes, and drink a glass of wine with us.

1.This Bronzed-Out, Champagne-Colored Eye

When in doubt, go with a gold eye. It’s alluring, sexy, and classic. Plus, it puts so much focus on your eyes, and you know what good eye contact means on a date…The best part about this look is you can achieve it with one eyeshadow palette. Try Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Palette in Bronze Seduction ($125). An optional red lip is like the cherry on top.

2.This No-Makeup Makeup Look

If in-your-face makeup is just not your vibe, don’t put pressure on yourself to look all-the-way-done up just because it’s V-Day. Enhance your natural features with a neutral lip and eyes and lips for a low-key look. Yep, I’m about to get preachy: You’re beautiful the way you are, so embrace your unique features on every occasion.

3.This Fuchsia Eye

Sure, pink is slightly predictable when it comes to V-Day but who TF cares? If you love being on-theme you’ll feel fabulous with a fuchsia eye that’ll bring on all the double taps on the gram. Amrezy’s Anastasia Beverly Hills palette ($49) was used to create this screenshot-worthy eyeshadow.

4.This Glowy Glam Look

Keeping things ~natural~ is such a power move—especially if you have a “less is more” approach to makeup. Do your everyday makeup as you normally would. Then, to spice things up a bit, tack on some flirty lashes and add another layer of highlighter to amp up your glow.

5.This Full Face of Drugstore Makeup

On Valentine’s Day, you may feel pressured to invest in fancy makeup to impress Bae—and you totally should treat yourself if you want to—but here’s proof that do not need to blow-up your bank account; the local drugstore can produce truly excellent results for a fraction of the price. This sparkly smokey eye and decadent red lip was created with products all under $12.

6.This Sultry, Deep Wine Lip

Life hack: Make your mood match your makeup for date night. What better time to feel sultry and bold than on Valentine’s Day? With a deep plum, standout shade like this your lips will certainly be the center of attention and you won’t need much else.

7.This Frosty Lavender Lewk

Leave it to RiRi to serve up this fierce, frosty look that will certainly guarantee a double-take. It’s a nice departure from the typical reds and pinks associated with V-Day—but just as stunning. Trust, these intergalactic shades will make you look like you dropped from a different planet, a.k.a. a dream girl.

8.This matte-red lip with bronze shadow

It’s fairly impossible to go wrong with a classic, bright-red lip, as evidenced in this simple—yet still so, so gorgeous—look that pairs it with dewy skin and bronze, shimmery shadow.

9.This mauve, monochromatic look

Sure, Valentine’s Day is usually associated with bright pinks and fiery reds, but we’re loving this chic (and surprisingly simple) dusty-mauve combo for an understated look. Even if mauve typically washes you out, stay with us—the monochrome palette actually makes the color pop.

10.This ultra-gilded combo

If you’re looking to go all-out with your makeup (without overpowering your killer outfit, naturally), follow this metallic makeup tutorial. It mixes a shimmery bronze eye with dewy skin and a highlight fit for an actual bar of gold.

11.This gorgeous, day-to-night look

Got evening plans, but also a life that doesn’t allow you to spend an hour on your makeup after work? Start your day with a neutral berry lip and a little brow definition, then transition into night with a quick swipe of gold-foil eyeshadow, a few thick coats of mascara, and a glossy red lip.

12.These glossy lips and flushed cheeks

Not willing to commit to an over-the-top look for dumb ‘ol Valentine’s Day? We told you—we’ve got you. Instead, try this beginner-level tutorial that sets glossy, lightly contoured lips (it’s easy! Really!) against a glowing, flushed complexion.

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