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10 Perfect Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles…some cynics may believe that it’s an overly commercialized holiday, while others are hopeless romantics who absolutely adore the idea of Valentine’s Day Hairstyles and everything it stands for.

As for us? We love celebrating love. We love giving love. And since we are firm believers that we don’t need just one day a year to do this, Valentine’s Day simply becomes another occasion to dress up and glam up.

Whether you have a hot date lined up with your significant other, are spending Valentine’s Day with your gal pals, or have a night of self-love planned complete with red wine and a face mask, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite hairstyles you can rock this Valentine’s Day. Scroll down for video tutorials on how to recreate these beautiful and romantic yet easy hairstyles.

1. The heart bun

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

While some may wear their heart on their sleeve, we prefer to wear our hearts in our hair this Valentine’s Day. This unique and creative hairstyle may look complicated, but all it takes is some strategic twisting and pinning to achieve that perfect heart shape.

If you have layered hair or shorter hair, the heart may not turn out as thick or complete as the one below, so hair extensions will be your friend here to achieve extra thickness and length to create that perfect shape. Mimi is wearing her clip-in Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions in the tutorial below to add that beautiful color dimension in the hair. Better yet, give a balayage set a try for subtle, sun-kissed highlights to bring out the shape of the heart.

2. Romantic date night hair

So, your significant other has just surprised you with a swanky night out for Valentine’s Day—lucky you! Break out that luxurious cocktail dress that’s been hiding in your closet, because tonight is all about you. As we all know, the perfect dress needs the perfect accompanying hairstyle, and we’ve got you covered. This look is romantic and feminine, perfect for date night. 

The key to this half-up hairstyle is thickness and volume so you can create cascading curls. In this tutorial, Mimi is wearing Mocha Brown Luxy Hair extensions to turn up the drama.

3. Valentine’s half-up braided hairstyle

This Valentine’s Day hairstyles makes all our bohemian dreams come true. Two three-strand braids entwined into a braided crown complete with loose waves make this half-up hairstyle perfect for a day date with your beau. This hairstyle is quick and easy, require minimal effort. Pair it with a boho sundress if you live in warmer climates or boyfriend jeans and an off-shoulder sweater for that perfect casual/cute vibe.  

Want to up the ante and channel even more of that boho princess inside? Add some clip in hair extensions for added length and thickness to the braids. Mimi wears a set of 220g Mocha Brown Luxy Hair extensions in the tutorial below.

4. Romantic updo

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Buckle up, because this Valentin’s Day hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. Although this romantic updo does require a bit of practice, the result is truly stunning. This updo hairstyle gets its drama from the mega thickness of the bun, so clip in hair extensions are a must for this one! Alex wears her Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to create that extra volume, resulting in a big, beautiful bun. Pair this romantic hairstyle with an off-shoulder top and a delicate gold necklace to emphasize its femininity. 

5. Valentine’s inspired hairdo

Do you love volume as much as us? Then this Valentine’s Day half-up hairstyle is for you. Tease a little, curl a little, and you’re left with a stunning hairstyle that is gorgeous and fitting for any black tie event or 5-star restaurant. Pair this hairstyle with a bold red lip and statement earrings, and watch heads turn.

Want to add even more drama? Go ahead and clip a set of Luxy Hair extensions in for instant thickness and length. Leyla wears a set of the 220g Dark Brown Luxies in this tutorial.

6. French Braid Crown

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

This Valentine’s Day hairstyle is similar to the three-strand braided crown above, however, this hairstyle incorporates two French braids on either side of your head instead of a regular three-strand braid. This simply gives the look a more polished feel, however, we love the bohemian vibe both hairstyles give off. Add some loose waves at the end, and you’re good to go!

Missy Sue wears her 160g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions in this tutorial here for extra volume. 

7. Fishtail updo

While long, cascading hair never goes out of style, romantic updos are timeless and classic on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got some detailing in the back of your shirt or dress that you want to show off, try this fishtail updo. For how easy this is to pull off, this look is absolutely spectacular!  

8. Half-up hair bow

This bow hairstyle is so unique, and easy to do with some practice. While certainly more whimsical, it’s the perfect hairstyle for you if you’re the more playful type. If you have short or layered hair, you may find the bow difficult to create without flyaways, therefore, be sure to clip in a few wefts from your Luxy Hair extensions at the back of your head to help. Mimi wears her 220g Ombre Blonde set in this tutorial, which is perfect for showing off the dimension and shape of the bow.

9. Double rope braid bun

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

While this hairstyle may look complex, it is created by wrapping two rope braids around on each other to achieve this twisted effect. As always, we love a big, voluminous bun, which can be achieved with clip in hair extensions. For those who love their buns, here is a cute way to get creative with it. Feel free to add some accessories like glittery pins for some sparkle, and curl some pieces around your face for a feminine finish. 

10. Faux knot braid

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

If you love braids but are tired of the regular three-stand, fishtail, or French braids, this is a technique that is easy to do, yet looks intricate and unique, guaranteed to turn heads. Pair this beautiful Valentine’s Day hairstyle with an open back dress or top, and add in clip in hair extensions for an ultra-voluminous braid.

Mimi wears her 160g Ombre Blonde clip-in Luxy Hair extensions in this tutorial.

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